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New BBC logo

Posted: 2021-03-23T23:27:02+00:00
by Admin
You may have seen that the BBC is trying to introduce a new Reith version of their logo by stealth. Instead of the glorious Gill Sans logo done by Martin Lambie-Anderson, they have gone with a new one with the letters made small and in the Reith font.

Personally I think that this logo is designed to bring down the BBC from the inside. What better way than to weaken the brand intentionally by introducing a less trustworthy logo?

Edit: I mean to say Martin Lambie-Nairn, of course

Re: New BBC logo

Posted: 2021-03-24T09:19:45+00:00
by Colin B
I think that's a silly thing to say, I think it's more likely that the logo has been made by someone in one of the BBC's international arms, it's nothing more sinister than that

Re: New BBC logo

Posted: 2021-03-24T09:21:56+00:00
by Admin
I suppose that's fair, it's just that the logo is really bad.